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Fighting for True #BloodEquality in America

We Fight for Blood Equality.

The FDA says sexually active men who have sex with men (MSM)—along with women who have sex with MSM—must abstain from sex for a year in order to donate blood. This is essentially a blanket ban on all gay and bisexual men, which doesn’t take into account the fact that the LGBTQ community is comprised of millions of wildly different people, each with their own sexual practices. Changing this policy is just one of many steps our country and government must take in order to combat stigma and discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and we here at Homoglobin are fighting for that change.


Our Causes

We support a wide and ever-growing array of LGBTQ health causes and movements, including Blood Equality, improved STI testing, and LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed. Click below to find out more.

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Our Team

Our founders hail from Alexandria, Virginia, a stone’s toss from the nation’s capital. All current or former students of West Potomac High School, the four share a close friendship and a mutual desire to make things better.

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Our team members dream big and work their butts off, but the success of our organization ultimately comes down to the support of people like you. Whether you’re able to give some of your valuable time to help us as a volunteer, or you’d like to make a donation, every single bit of assistance is greatly appreciated and readily accepted. Check out the buttons below to see how you can chip in today!


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